How can I update my existing TourDash tour with new panoramas?


If you completely reshoot an existing Google Street View tour (or just add some extra panoramas to it) and publish it on Google, you will have to create a new TourDash tour for your updated panorama from scratch.

Whilst to you it seems that you had simply refreshed the tour or just added a few extra panoramas, the technical side of it is completely different. When a tour is created every single pano gains an ID as a unique identifier (as shown in the example below). TourDash uses this ID, the only ID, to attach information to the panoramas. To us we don't know if panoid WRleiD4dQs5YYga9HieT is from the same tour as panoid GqYLTfMAltbCfuMImcgq. What we know is that there is a panoid that has access to other panoids but there is no relationship between these in the form of a unique 'tour ID' or strings that relate to one another. There are only indivdual pano ids.

This means that once you create a new tour, this will be a completely different set of individual panoids that have access to each other but it lives completely seperate from your previous tour and previous panos. Even if you would take the same set of photos and makes them available through a Google Virtual Tour at te beginning of each day, they would have each get a unique pano ID, every day for every panorama.

in short, when you reshoot your business or republish your photos for whatever the reason may be, a new tour is created. A new tour that lives seperately from your previous tour which was used for TourDash. A new tour that TourDash does not know exists or has access to.

To help a little:

Copy+paste the hotspot boxes from your old tour to the new is not possible; just because with your license you can create and setup only one Google Maps Business View at a time. It is our guess that your new tour will have some new hotspots to be displayed? So the content of the hotspotboxes will change. The layout can be preserved by copy, pasting the HTML format of your hotspot boxes to a text editor (MS Word, Note, Google Docs).

After 'saving' the layout of your hotspotboxes, you can select the option 'delete' in your tour actions (

The 'old' tour is now cleared from your license and you can select a new tour to be added into your license. How to add an tour is described here:

New hotspotboxes can be filled using the layout you have saved in your texteditor. The content within your hotspotboxes can be updated with the information related to your new tour.

This is currently the possibility to load your new tour into TourDash, while maintaining the previous formatting. We hope that this explanation is clear.

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