Does TourDash support Google Photo Spheres?


Currently TourDash has an experimental support of Google Photo Spheres. The current stable version of Google Maps API does not give us full possibilities to work with photospheres, that has been created after September 2015. But, we were able to solve this problem, and now you can use any photospheres in your TourDash tour, no matter when this photosphere had been created!

In order to be able to use any photosphere in your TourDash tour you should check the "Experimental photospheres checkbox" in the "Home" tab of the TourDash editor.

Please, keep in mind that the feature is experimental, you may experience some unpredictable behaviour or artefacts, so use it on your own risk and only if you want to add an external photosphere location to your tour. If you experience any problems or bugs with that feature, please write us to

After your click the "Experimental photospheres support" checkbox your page will reload and then you will be able to add photosphere locations to your tour. To add a new photosphere location, please use the "Add menu item - Add another tour" dropdown on the "Navigation" tab.

Please, note, that you will not be able to create a new TourDash tour with a photosphere location from the "Add new tour page", you may only add a photosphere location to an existing tour. Also, pay attention to the licensing, multi-tour feature is only available with "Platinum" TourDash license.

After we stabilise the new functionality and become sure that it works smoothly with all photospheres for all resellers we will remove that checkbox from the UI and the photospheres support will be available for all tours by default.

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