TourDash Guidelines for Hotels



  • Communicate clearly with the Hotel that TourDash is not a Google owned product but is the only Google authorised enhancement to Business View tours

  • Communicate clearly that the tour can only be embedded on the Hotel’s own single official website, wholly owned, operated and managed by the Hotel.

  • Consider packaging your offer to include initial set-up and maintenance for which you can earn additional revenue.  

  • Consider creating a demo tour to showcase TourDash enhancements on the Hotel’s tour

  • Work with the Hotel to define areas and annotations. Be aware that the ‘collaborative planning’ of the multi-island menus, hotspots, and annotations will require additional hours in successful configuration, implementation and generating meaningful analytics to showcase the value of TourDash. Discuss an hourly rate with the hotels for this additional work.

  • Consider scheduling regular follow up meetings with Hotel to go over any changes in Hotel structure/offers

  • In your sales pitch, do leverage the analytics side of TourDash.


TourDash creation

  • Add multi island menus to conveniently navigate back and forth between different areas of hotels. Add information windows to provide interesting descriptions  


Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.50.22 PM.png


  • If possible, do add links from rooms to the Hotel’s booking site


Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.42.46 PM.png


  • Enhance restaurant views with menus


Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.48.19 PM.png


  • Enhance Spa views with navigation to various sections of the spa (e.g. jacuzzi, sauna pool)

  • Add Spa menus to the spa view


Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.29.13 AM.png


  • Embed promotional videos of the hotel(where appropriate) in the tour

  • Include links to rating sites, facebook pages, +pages

  • Keep all information concise and relevant, remember tours will be viewed not only on desktops but also on mobile devices and tablets
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