On the “Licenses” page you can manage your licenses and assign them to clients from your “Clients list”.


The column “Tour” on the “Licenses” page shows you if a virtual tour has already been added to the license or not. If a tour is added, the tour name will be displayed otherwise it shows the “Add tour” button.

The column “Status” on the “Licenses” page provides you with information about the availability of a license. A license can simply be “Available” or being “Active”.

The column “Actions” gives you the option to cancel a license. If you cancel a license, it will remain however active for the paid period, but it will not be prolonged after the end of this period.

Assign a license
In order to assign licenses you need to purchase them first in the Store.

To assign a license you can either click the “Assign License” button or on the “Assign to a client” button next to a license. The menu that follows will be the same, but if you used a link besides a license that license will be preselected. Please make sure that you want to assign the selected license(s) to a client as this will be final and cannot be reversed.

Pick a client name from the drop-down list. If you have not yet created a client profile you have to go back to the “Clients list” page and add the client there.

In the above example a Silver license was preselected. You have to pick a client name from the drop-down menu and then choose the number of licenses you wish to assign to that client. You must verify that you are sure before assigning any licenses because this action is permanent!



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